Statutory minimum wages

The legislation of all CEE countries makes provisions for a national minimum wage. The rates of minimum wages are regularly adjusted to reflect developments in labour markets.

For a small proportion of the workforce in elementary low-skill jobs, the minimum wage has a direct impact, particularly in the services sector. It also constitutes an important benchmark for earnings expectations.

Minimum monthly salary as of January 1st 2017 was the highest in Slovenia at $891. In Croatia, Visegrad group countries and the Baltic states minimum wages were in the $421–520 range.

For Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia minimum wages were close to $300.

Statutory minimum wages were the lowest in CIS countries: in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine ranging from $71 to $133 .

Statutory minimum gross monthly wages in US$, January 1st 2017

Belarus 133
Bulgaria 260
Croatia 482
Czech Republic 450
Estonia 520
Hungary 453
Kazakhstan 71
Latvia 421
Lithuania 421
Poland 507
Romania 308
Russia 112
Serbia 278
Slovakia 481
Slovenia 891
Ukraine 125
Exchange rates: annual averages 2016
Source: Database Central Europe