Average salary

Gross earnings / average salary / constitute major part of total labour costs.

However, comparisons of labour costs based on data on average gross earnings have certain limitations.

For countries where such data is collected by local national statistical offices coverage may vary in terms of

sectors covered: whole economy, economy excluding agriculture, manufacturing sector
ownership sectors: all enterprises, public sector, private sector
geographic coverage: total country, metropolitan areas, capital city
scope: all enterprises, enterprises employing certain minimum number of employees
units: all employees, full time, full time equivalent

Those issues are especially pertinent when dealing with data from emerging markets beyond the CEE region where statistical reporting is not as sophisticated.

Even when coverage and methodology is comparable, data on gross salary disregards the level of additional costs on top of gross earnings. In the CEE region additional obligatory social security contributions paid on top of gross earnings vary from 15% to 50% between different countries.

Average monthly gross earnings in US$, 2016

Belarus  363
Bulgaria  544
Croatia  1 139
Czech Republic  1 129
Estonia  1 268
Hungary  935
Kazakhstan  418
Latvia  951
Lithuania  857
Macedonia  580
Poland  1 026
Romania  692
Russia  549
Serbia  570
Slovakia  1 009
Slovenia  1 754
Ukraine  203
 Source: Database Central Europe  

Average monthly gross earnings in us dollars 2002-2016

Average monthly gross earnings in emerging markets 2009